The Dill Family - Mommy & Me Portraits by a New Orleans Photographer

mother and baby leaning over a white bed


Today, I am bursting with excitement to share the enchanting session of the Dill girls—a sublime mommy and me portrait session held within the walls of the Main House. Join me as we embark on a journey through the details of this magical day, adorned with laughter, tenderness, and the undeniable magic that surfaces during mommy and me sessions!

The Session

Picture this: The Main House adorned with timeless charm, and in walks the Dill family, a vision of sheer elegance and grace. The radiant mommy, draped in ivory, cradles her newborn daughter, wrapped in the softest cream colored ensemble. Completing this picturesque scene is the playful toddler, a whirlwind of sweetness, dressed in a similar ensemble. Together, they paint a portrait of motherhood and sisterhood, capturing the very essence of love and connection.

The chosen hues of ivory and rose added an extra layer of timeless charm to the session, creating a color palette that harmoniously complemented the warmth and love within the family. Against the classic backdrop of the Main House, each frame became a canvas, immortalizing the love shared by the Dill girls. Mom was so generous to donate her stunning and elegant dress to our client closet - any Mama who comes for portraits with SFP will now have the joy of wearing this beautiful dress!

Effortless Moments, Even with a Hungry Newborn

Now, let's delve into the real-life magic that unfolded during the session. Ah, the unpredictability of newborns and their legendary appetites! Many moms are worried about their babies crying or getting hungry during a session, (Yes, this really does happen!) and the Dill session was no different. To ensure that we get the most out of our time together, every mama is provided with a booklet on the entire experience of their newborn portrait session - it includes how to prepare for this very moment that every mama fears - an inconsolable baby. Mom, I understand that you're concerned you won't get good photos of baby if they are crying - and as a mom myself, I totally feel you!

If you're a mama who has these concerns, (don't we all at some point) I want to reassure you. SFP will ensure that we get adorable photos of your baby - even if they are crying. We will take the time to pause our session, feed baby a snack if they need it, give them time to calm down. You will receive a preparation guide before your session that will explain lots of tips on how to keep baby content before and during their session! If you're interested in reading a few of those tips now, here is a blog post that will help you out.

As the newborn expressed her hunger cues, the session seamlessly transitioned into feeding time, and SFP captured beautiful portraits of older sister while mama fed baby.

New Orleans Photographer captured a mom, baby, and older sister sitting on a bed, gazing at the baby in awe


Mommy and me sessions hold a unique and sacred place in the realm of family photography—they are a celebration of the extraordinary connection between a mother and her little ones. The Dill girls shared intimate moments—gentle kisses, shared giggles, and the pure, unfiltered love that radiated through every frame.

These sessions serve as a poignant reminder of the fleeting nature of babyhood and toddlerhood. Every mother should consider planning for a mommy and me session before their little minis grow too big! The magic lies in freezing these moments in time, creating a visual treasure trove of memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. And fear not, for it's never too late to embark on this heartwarming journey. As children grow, the dynamics evolve, giving rise to new and equally beautiful moments waiting to be captured.

blonde haired girl, blue eyes, posing for a portrait in front of a camera


There's something ineffably precious about seeing mommy and me portraits adorning the walls of a home or nestled in the pages of a cherished heirloom album. These images tell a story—a story of love, growth, and the unique bond between a mother and her little ones.

Imagine the Dill daughters, years down the road, revisiting these portraits. In those moments, they won't merely see frozen frames; they'll witness the laughter, the cuddles, and the shared moments with their mother. This is the magic of heirloom photography—a gift that transcends generations, creating a legacy of love.

Baby girl looking into camera lens, wearing a cream bow on her head, taken by a New Orleans Photographer, Sarah Finicle


At Sarah Finicle Photography, we revel in the joy of capturing these magical mommy and me moments. There's a unique kind of magic that happens when a mother is immersed in the giggles of her children, and we consider it an honor to be there, freezing those moments in time. Mommy and me sessions aren't just about posing for pictures; they're about creating memories that will be cherished for a lifetime, especially by your children.

If you haven't had the chance to experience the joy of a mommy and me session, consider it an invitation to a date filled with laughter, love, and the kind of magic that only family can bring! We are here to capture your unique story, creating timeless portraits that celebrate the beauty of your family's journey.

In closing, let's embrace the sweetness of mommy and me moments, for these are the threads that weave the tapestry of a family's love story. There is no love like a Mama's love.

Mommy and baby sitting on a bed, mom is nose to nose with her infant, taken by a New Orleans Photographer, Sarah Finicle

proud to be feautured in the new olreans mom blog guide to the best family photographers in nola

Proudly Feautured in the New Orleans Mom Blog Guide to the Best Family Photographers in NOLA