Introducing Heirloom Albums


Hey, there, Mama! I would LOVE to introduce you to heirloom albums! If you've ever wondered how to document your motherhood journey in a beautiful and tangible way, I completely understand. The moments we experience during motherhood are priceless, and finding the perfect way to capture and preserve those moments is a priority for many of us. There's a unique magic in watching your child grow, learn, and explore the world around them, and as a mother, you're at the heart of it all. The bond you share, the laughter you create, and the love you nurture deserve to be celebrated and bound up into a treasure you can keep forever. I have some incredible news for you - I know the perfect solution! In this blog post, I want to delve deeper into the concept of heirloom albums, a stunning, classy, and amazing way to preserve your precious memories for generations to come. 


So, Mama - We've all had those DIY photo albums from Walmart or Target, the ones with the plastic sleeves to hold our drugstore printed 4x6 photos. Maybe we even have our wedding photos stored in this type of album. (I do). While there's nothing inherently wrong with these albums, they lack the longevity and artistic quality that truly make them special. They don't evoke that feeling of awe when you see them, and they certainly aren't something you can pass down to your children as an heirloom. Those albums might have served their purpose for a while, but your motherhood journey deserves better—deserves an album that reflects the depth of your emotions and the beauty of the moments you've experienced. Mama, you deserve to own a cherished keepsake of your sweet little newborn that is professional, gorgeous, stylish, yet timeless. 


But what if there was a better option? What if there was an album that could stand the test of time and become a cherished piece of artwork in your family? Something that's not just an album, but a tangible portal back to the laughter, the tears, and the love that have filled your motherhood journey? Well, I'm thrilled to introduce you once again to my luxury linen albums! These heirlooms are my absolute favorite products to offer my clients, and for a good reason. They are not only sturdy and thick, but they exude luxury and high quality in every detail. When you hold one of these albums in your hands, you can feel the weight of the memories they hold, the emotions captured within their pages. The cover itself tells a story, inviting you to open it and relive each moment with an open heart. 

You can choose to fill your album with 20, 30, or 40 of your most treasured images, allowing you to curate a visual story that captures the essence of your motherhood journey. From the first moment you held your newborn in your arms to the tender embraces shared with your toddler, each image becomes a chapter in your story. These albums provide a tangible way to flip through the pages of time, reliving those fleeting moments that so often pass by too quickly. The pages are made to last forever – they are also designed to be able to wipe little smudges and fingerprints off with a quick wipe of the page! (Which is a MUST when you have little toddlers exploring every nook and cranny of your home). 


And let's talk about customization. The covers of these heirloom albums can be tailored to your liking, making each album a truly unique piece of art. For example, if you're creating a newborn album, you can include your baby's name, birthdate, or initials alongside a stunning design from our carefully curated library. The album cover becomes a canvas for your personal touch, adding an extra layer of sentiment to an already emotional collection of images. As you run your fingers over the cover, you'll feel the texture beneath your fingertips, a tactile connection to the memories held within.

Speaking of covers, we offer several different luxury linen options in a variety of colors. During your premiere viewing and ordering appointment, you'll have the pleasure of flipping through a carefully crafted sample album to get a tactile feel for the finished product. Running your fingers over the textured linen cover and turning the thick, smooth pages adds a sensory dimension to your memories, elevating the experience of reliving those moments. You'll also have the chance to see samples of the different covers and designs available to you, helping you envision how your own album will come together. And throughout this process, I'll be there to provide professional guidance and creative expertise. You don't need to stress about designing the album yourself - that's what I'm here for, Mama!  I want you to relax, enjoy the experience with your family, and trust that the end result will be a masterpiece that embodies your unique journey. I am so excited to create a one of a kind documentation of your legacy! (Your children).


If this sounds like a dream come true, you're absolutely right! I'm so excited to share my passion for heirloom albums with you, Mama. Each album is not just a collection of photographs; it's a reflection of your emotions, your connections, and your journey through motherhood. I'd be honored to help you create something truly beautiful and special to keep your incredible mama memories alive. 

Let's start dreaming and planning your session today! Send me a message to get started. The journey of a lifetime deserves to be captured in a way that does justice to the depth of your emotions. Every mom needs an heirloom album like this to remember her newborn and new mommy phase in a beautiful way! My passion is to help new mamas feel seen and pampered – I love to create the albums and photos of their dreams!  I can't wait to hear from you, Mama! 

Luxury Linen Album from New Orleans Newborn Photographer Sarah Finicle
Heirloom Album from Sarah Finicle Photography

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