Today, I am absolutely delighted to share a little secret with you—my top three favorite baby stores in Metairie! These boutiques aren't just places I visit; they're part of my mom-life. I'm a Starbucks coffee lovin', shopping just for fun kind of toddler mom. Even at 2 years old, it seems like my little girl has inherited the shopping bug from me. She sometimes will ask to go shop together - and I am so happy she does! Lol. I love going on outings with my girl and getting some sunshine in. These are the three of my favorite spots to shop for baby related items: Zuka Baby, Banbury Cross, and The Baby's Room! Let's go!

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First on my list is Zuka Baby, a boutique that stole my heart for its commitment to all things high in quality and utterly chic. As a small business enthusiast and a conscious consumer, Zuka Baby aligns perfectly with my personal taste and style! Tucked into a corner of Old Metairie on Metairie Road, I never knew it was there until well after I birthed my baby. (Much to my disappointment!) I wish I knew it was there before I had my baby shower! Zuka Baby has a gift registry you can create via online or via the app, and I think this is such a neat feature for a local shop to offer! They also offer a rewards system, and they always give out wonderful coupons.

Zuka Baby has strollers, car seats, high chairs, unique clothing, baby accessories, toys, and much more. I am honestly in love with everything in this store each time I go!

As a mom who values sustainability, I appreciate the effort Zuka Baby puts into sourcing products that are built to last.

While I am making a visit to Zuka Baby, my favorite place to grab a coffee is almost next door - CR Coffee! They have the best iced vanilla cold brew - not too heavy on the vanilla syrup flavors, and an amazingly strong coffee that makes the perfect pick me up in the middle of the afternoon.


Next up is Banbury Cross, a store that feels like a journey back in time, where timeless elegance meets modern convenience. This charming boutique captures my heart with its unique blend of classic and contemporary offerings.

Banbury Cross isn't your average baby store; it's a haven for those who appreciate the art of timeless elegance. As a small business supporter, I love the personalized touch that Banbury Cross brings to every shopping experience.

From exquisite baby clothing to thoughtful gifts, Banbury Cross is a testament to the idea that quality never goes out of style. The moment you walk through its doors, you're transported into a world where every item feels like a piece of carefully curated art.

My Top Picks at Banbury Cross:

1. Heirloom-Quality Outfits: Banbury Cross offers a selection of heirloom-quality baby outfits that make for the perfect keepsakes.

2. Beautiful Gifts: The ability to find unique and personalized gifts for special occasions adds a touch of thoughtfulness to every purchase.

Banbury Cross is conveniently close to Zuka Baby - and I love hopping into here while I'm out and about in the area, coffee in hand.

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Last but certainly not least is The Baby's Room, a store that holds a special place in my heart for its dedication to crafting dreamy nurseries. As someone who believes in creating spaces that nurture creativity and comfort, The Baby's Room has become my go-to for all things nursery-related.

The Baby's Room isn't just about buying furniture; it's about creating a haven for your little ones. As a supporter of small businesses, I find immense joy in knowing that each piece at The Baby's Room is selected with care and consideration.

From cribs to whimsical décor, The Baby's Room transforms the task of nursery planning into a delightful experience.

My Top Picks at The Baby's Room:

1. Cribs & Nursery Decor: I love the beautiful options The Baby's Room has to offer.

2. Whimsical Wall Art: The whimsical wall art options at The Baby's Room add a touch of magic to nursery spaces, turning them into imaginative realms.


In a world dominated by big-box stores, there's something truly magical about supporting small businesses like Zuka Baby, Banbury Cross, and The Baby's Room. These stores aren't just places where I shop; they're part of the community that I hold dear.


Supporting small businesses isn't just about shopping; it's about contributing to the heartbeat of a community. These stores are run by passionate individuals who pour their hearts into curating unique selections and providing personalized service. When I shop at Zuka Baby, Banbury Cross, or The Baby's Room, I know I'm not just buying products; I'm investing in a vision, supporting dreams, and contributing to the vitality of my local community.

So, the next time you find yourself in Metairie, I invite you to explore these hidden gems. Wander through the aisles, touch the fabrics, envision your nursery, and relish in the joy of finding treasures that tell a story. After all, every purchase is a chapter in the narrative of our families, and the small businesses we support become integral characters in that story.

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