The Crisp Family Newborn Session - by a New Orleans Baby Photographer


I'm absolutely delighted to guide you through the magical portrait session of The Crisp Family! Set against the backdrop of a gorgeous home in the outskirts of New Orleans, this session unfolds as a captivating tale featuring a stunning mom, a kind and handsome dad, and their precious newborn son.

New Orleans Baby Photographer

Sarah Finicle Photography

dad kissing mom's cheek, both holding newborn baby in front of a window

An Ode to Beauty: Mom's Graceful Toile Dress

The Crisp Family's arrival was nothing short of a visual poetry. Mom, adorned in a breathtaking light blue toile dress, radiated a timeless beauty that perfectly complemented the tender moments of newborn bliss. What makes this dress even more special is its origin—a generous donation from Mom herself to our client wardrobe. This act of kindness ensures that the beauty she experienced can be shared with other moms, creating a cycle of shared elegance within our growing community!

The light blue toile dress, designed with both maternity and newborn phases in mind, gracefully flowed, capturing the essence of the entire family's journey. It's more than a piece of fabric; it's a symbol of communal support, where every mom can feel as cherished and stunning as the next! (To hear more about the SFP Experience, available to every mama, click here!)

dad kissing baby's cheek, by a New Orleans Baby Photographer


As the session unfolded, the soft hues of the light blue dress blended seamlessly with the warm smiles of the Crisp family. Mom's beauty, bathed in the gentle glow, mirrored strength and grace in equal measure. Dad, with a kindness evident in every gaze, added a touch of classic charm. Their newborn son, a tiny bundle wrapped in love, completed the portrait of a family cocooned in sweetness and tenderness.

I absolutely loved photographing this beautiful family! It was such a beautiful day outside, and a lovely morning for a portrait session.

mom in blue toile dress holding her baby, taken by a New Orleans Baby Photographer


Let's talk about the exclusive setting that played host to this visual symphony—the Main House, our indoor portrait location! The decision to choose this venue goes beyond mere convenience; it ensures a touch of luxury for families to relax and create timeless memories.

The Main House stands as a testament to elegance, offering an intimate and cozy atmosphere for capturing moments that withstand the test of time. Natural light spills through expansive windows, casting a soft glow on carefully curated décor. Every detail contributes to an environment where families can authentically connect.

Comfort and Convenience: The Beauty of an Indoor Session

Selecting an indoor location, especially one as exquisite as the Main House, guarantees a level of comfort and convenience that outdoor settings might not provide. Moms and dads can relax, knowing that external factors won't interfere with the session. From accommodating newborn feeding times to ensuring a controlled climate, the Main House becomes a canvas for capturing genuine family interactions without external distractions.

newborn baby being held by its mother, she is wearing a blue toile dress and standing in front of a window


The Crisp Family Newborn Portrait Session can only be described as a symphony—a harmonious blend of moments that unfolded into a melody of love. From the timeless beauty of Mom in her light blue toile dress to the kindness and handsomeness of Dad and the sheer sweetness of their newborn son, every element came together to create a visual masterpiece.

Within the elegance of the Main House, this session became a celebration of family—of their love, their grace, and the enduring beauty of their shared journey.

In Closing: A Heartfelt Gratitude

To the Crisp family, thank you for entrusting us to capture the exquisite beauty of your newborn portrait session. Your warmth, love, and the grace you brought into the Main House created an experience that mirrors the heart and soul of our photography.

For moms seeking to document the timeless beauty of their motherhood journey, consider the comfort and elegance of an indoor portrait session with SFP. Every family deserves a visual symphony that tells their unique story, and I'm here to create that masterpiece with you - we specialize in creating heirloom pieces of wall art, albums and more, and simply love pampering new mamas!

baby nibbling on his mother's nose, and mama is laughing, photo by New Orleans Baby Photographer, Sarah Finicle

One of my Fav Photos From this Session!

I LOVE this image of baby nibbling mamas nose! This is my favorite image from this session. Baby boy couldn't stop making his mama and daddy laugh. (And me!) His expressions were endlessly adorable!

Proudly Featured in the New Orleans Mom Blog Guide to the Best Family Photographers in nola

Proud to Be Featured in the New Orleans Mom Blog Guide to the Best Family Photographers in NOLA