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3 Reasons to STOP Printing Your Photos At The Local Walgreens!


Hey, there, Mama! In this digital age, where screens and technology dominate our lives, it's easy to forget the joy and significance of holding physical photographs. As a mama, I firmly believe in the importance of printing and displaying photos in a beautiful way to preserve those precious memories of my newborn. I also believe in the magic of holding a tangible photo in your hand and viewing it with your eyes—off of a screen. While local Walgreens and similar convenience stores offer quick and affordable printing services, I'm here to shed some light on a few reasons why NOT to print your baby’s images at these convenience places--or even at Shutterfly.

1.Quality That takes my breath away

When it comes to printing my cherished memories, I want nothing but the best! I also want something timeless and beautiful to behold. While Walgreens may be convenient, Mama, their printing services lack the attention to detail and superior quality that professional printing labs provide. The vibrant colors, sharp details, and overall look of my baby's photos can be compromised when printed at a generic store. On the other hand, professional printing labs specialize in maintaining the integrity of the original image, ensuring that every adorable little feature is beautifully captured in stunning prints. By investing a little more time and care in professional printing services, you can bring your baby's photos to life, creating prints that will truly stand the test of time and take your breath away every time you look at them. 

2. Unleashing My Creativity:

As a mama, I love to add personal touches and showcase my baby's photos in elegant, chic, and beautiful ways. Unfortunately, local stores like Walgreens or Amazon limit my options when it comes to customization and styles. They offer standard sizes, limited paper choices, (not to mention non-classy colors and graphics) and minimal control over the final output. These limitations can stifle my creativity and prevent me from truly capturing the essence of my little one in personalized ways. However, the professional printing lab I work with and use for my clients offers a wide range of customization options, including different paper types, sizes, finishes, and colors. The lab I work with offers the most amazing cover designs for my heirloom linen albums! They are also customizable—we can put your baby’s name, initials, or birth date right on the cover next to a gorgeous, luxurious design. With these options, you can transform your baby's photos into captivating works of art, reflecting your own creative expression and preserving the playfulness of your little bundle of joy.

3. Creating Timeless Treasures:

When it comes to printing my baby's photos, I want them to last a lifetime and beyond. I want these prints to be cherished by future generations, telling the story of our family's love and joy. I want something that I can pass down to my grandchildren! Prints from local convenience stores like Walgreens may not meet the archival standards necessary for long-lasting preservation. Over time, these prints can fade, yellow, or deteriorate due to the materials used. However, professional printing labs use archival inks and acid-free papers, ensuring that my prints remain vibrant and intact for decades. By choosing professional printing services, I am investing in the longevity of my memories, allowing my baby's photos to be treasured by generations to come as timeless reminders of the love and joy that fills our lives.


While local Walgreens offers convenience, I have discovered that there are compromises in terms of quality, customization, and longevity. As a mama, I encourage you to explore high quality prints and products from a professional photographer. Photographers who offer products usually get special access to high quality labs. (And sorry, Mama, Shutterfly is NOT one of them). By investing a little thought and care, you can work with a professional to create prints that not only tug at your mama heartstrings but also become treasured keepsakes, capturing the magic and wonder of your little one's early days. These prints will serve as a reminder of the love and joy that fills your family's life, creating timeless treasures that will be cherished for generations.

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