Hi! I'm Sarah Finicle!

Hey there! Welcome to the Sarah Finicle Photography Blog!! I am a Catholic wife, mom, family & motherhood photographer and sometimes I photograph Catholic weddings. I live in the New Orleans Metro area with my husband and 16 month old daughter. I got married at age 21, and my hubby was even younger!! We always knew we wanted to marry right out of high school and start a family. So we did! Lol.

My interest in photography started when I was a child--with my very first video camera. My brother and I had a blast making Lego movies of our own and I enjoyed taking photos of nature. I read tons of books as a kid (yep--I was THAT kid--the bookworm) on nature and nature photography. I never got a real camera though until last year--my Canon RP Mirrorless! (Sigh in awe) Owning my own real, professional grade camera was always a DREAM of mine--and owning a business as well!! Although I already started my own online business at age 16, sewing baby items and quilts. I did pretty well at that! (Sewing was another hobby of mine as a kid.)

After buying my precious camera, I dove real deep into studying family and wedding photography. Really deep. I love continuing my education in photography still, running my small business, and being a wife and mom to the most wonderful husband and daughter anyone could ever ask for.

I am a Marriage and Motherhood Photographer--I have a passion for capturing the sweetest and most treasured milestones of life, from your engagement, to the wedding, to your first maternity session, and your little newborn baby--and all the in between moments. THIS is what I LOVE to do! I have always swooned over everyone's professional family photos on their Christmas cards, on their fridge from their newborn sessions...I always wanted to learn how to do this for others--and now I finally have! I am so thrilled to work with other Catholic brides, mamas and their families in this way! I cannot describe how happy this makes me!

Being a new mom is tough--and if I can help bring a smile to a mom's face, if I can capture the beautiful moments of her pregnancy and newborn baby journey--that makes me happy. As a busy, stay-at-home-mom of a daughter under 2 years old, I understand that being a mom is, well....HARD! Being a mama is the best thing in this world, but it is also the hardest job in the world. I had a difficult pregnancy and birth, and an incredibly difficult postpartum. I am not sure how I got through it all, except by the Grace of God and the love and support of all my loved ones. It was so important and crucial for me to have the care and support of my family and friends during such a stressful and overwhelming season of life, I believe it greatly attributed to my wonderful healing. My heart goes out to every single new mom out there, whether you just had your first baby, whether it was natural or medicated, whether you are experiencing postpartum depression, whether your pregnancy and birth was smooth & easy, with or without complications, whether you are a second or third time mama, or an older mom with kids who have flown the nest......I want to serve & help you feel just a little better and less stressed by giving you love, attention, pampering, and a wonderful experience for you to receive gorgeous images of your family that you deserve!

My husband and I